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46RE Transmission

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46RE Transmission 2 Wheel Drive

How we build the 46RE transmission better

The 46RE is one of our best selling transmissions. This unit is used in Dodge Dakota, Durango, Ram and Jeep Grand Cherokee's with automatic platforms. Because of the 46RE's popularity we knew that rigourous testing in multiple applications would be necessary to ensure flawless use regardless of the vehicles model. Over years of testing we have been able to pinpoint flaws in the transmissions design. Our performance upgrades have been developed to stabilize the transmissions weakness and increase its overall performance and torque handling.

What is the difference between the 46RE, A518 and A727 Transmissions?

The 46RH, also known as the A518 was used from the early to mid 1990's and features a hydraulically activated governor as well as a torque converter lockup, which it's predecessor, the A727 did not have. The powerful 46RE is a later version of the A518 and made it's debut in 1996. The "E" designating the electronic, rather than hydraulic (as seen previously in the 46RH) governor that was newly implemented.

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  • Dyno tested

  • Seals / Gaskets

  • Shift Kit

  • Valve Bodies

  • exterior

  • Bearings

Dodge 46RE Transmission Sale
A.D.A.P.T Technology ADAPT stands for "Advanced Dyno And Performance Testing".

This meticulous process allows us to monitor your transmissions performance under conditions that have been developed to simulate the dynamic levels of torque exerted by your vehicle under a diverse spectrum of conditions.

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46RE Durango, Dakota, Ram and Grand Cherokee Vehicle Applications

Make Model Series Gas Engine Years
DodgeDurango XJ / YZ V8 / 5.9L 1998-2003
DodgeDakota RTV8 / 5.9L1998-2003
Dodge Ram 1500 / 2500 / 3500 V8 / 5.9L / 5.2L 2003 (1500 Series) / 1996 - 2002
Jeep Grand Cherokee AllV8 / 5.9L1998

46RE Technical information and Specs

46Re Questions Answers
Class / Type4 Speed Automatic Transmission
SeriesThis is considered a 727 or A727 that has an overdrive and electronic control.
4X2 or 4X4 2 and 4WD models should be available.
Recommended FluidMopar ATF Plus
Torque Converter After 7/18/15 we are requiring customers to upgrade to a billet torque converter when purchasing the 46RE transmission. Please call for upgrade pricing.
Upgraded Internal ComponentsPerformance shift kit, valve body improver kit, and more.
Full Dyno Testing Yes
Hollander Interchange Numbers
  • 400-03245
  • 400-03351
  • 400-03352
  • 400-03577
  • 400-03578
  • 400-03714
  • 400-03715B
  • 400-03254
  • 400-03256
  • 400-03598
  • 400-03647
  • 400-03713
  • 400-03715B
  • 400-03714
  • 400-03270
Manufacturer part number
  • 52119824AA
  • 5013048
  • 52119825AA
  • 52119847AA
  • 52119848AA
  • 52854066AA
  • 5018598AA
  • 52119757AA
  • 5018487AA
  • 5080959AA
  • 52119758AA
  • 52854067AA
  • 52119515
  • 52119822
  • 52119516
  • 521195014771
  • 52119845
  • 52119845AA823
  • 52119846
  • 52119846AA
  • 5019240AA
  • 5083387AA
  • 52119949AA
  • 52854068AA
  • 5018598AA
  • 52119757AA
  • 52854066AA
  • 5018487AA
  • 5080959AA
  • 52119758AA
  • 52854067A
  • 5003192AB
  • 52119803A

Our 46RE is QS9000 Certified

Confidence is knowing that your unit has been built and tested with this elite certification.

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