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Dodge NV4500 Transmission Sale
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Dodge NV4500 Transmission 4X4 Late Round Top

Performance Built Dodge NV4500 Transmission Sale

Our Dodge NV4500 transmission exceeds industry standards in torque handling, performance and value. We load every unit with the latest in aftermarket upgrades. Our rigourous testing process ensures customers that their Dodge Ram will have an NV4500 Transmission that stands up to the Smart Parts Automotive name.

Advanced 5th Gear Technology
The main shaft is forged from hardened steel and utilizes extended splines and a locking system to reinforce the fifth gear. This upgrade is not only the best fix for the NV4500s' chronic fifth gear flaw, but the aftermarket main shaft increases it's overall torque handling.

Smooth Shifting
This 5 speed top loading overdrive transmission encourages smooth shifting with second generation solid brass synchronizers and helical cut gears.

Holding Up To Pressure
Our seal and gasket sets have been specifically designed to handle the extreme pressures a Dodge Ram can put on an NV4500 transmission.

Precision and Longevity
A Dodge NV4500 transmission relies on 6 main bearings to function properly. Realizing the importance of a smoothly functioning and long lasting bearing, we searched far and wide to find the ultimate combination of both.

Great For Conversions
The NV4500 transmissions universal design and dual PTO ports make it ideal for a wide variety of conversions. Newer models of the NV4500 have a higher low-gear ratio; all have either a .74:1 or a .73:1 overdrive ratio.

Appealing yet Protective exterior
The NV4500 transmission features a cast iron casing with a light weight aluminum alloy top cover and tail shaft. The transmissions exterior is coated in with our special corrosion resistant finish designed specifically to fight oxidation.

The Most Complete Testing Available
It can be a difficult task simulating the conditions a Dodge Ram pickup encounters during everyday driving. We Dyno-Test every NV4500 transmission with the latest equipment to ensure flawless operation from the time of installation.

The Original
In 1992, New Venture Gear in Syracuse New York built the first NVG4500 transmission for the Chrysler corporation to use in their heavy duty truck applications. The Dodge NVG500 was a much needed improvement from its predecessor the G360. Soon after its creation the letter G was dropped from the name to give us the more commonly known NV4500 transmission.

How we built it better
Here at Smart Parts Automotive we have taken what was good and made it even better. We redesigned the build process from the ground up.

We started by taking a closer look at the performance needs of the people who drive the Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 series trucks. By researching the wide variety of driving conditions Ram owners encounter, we were able to tailor an NV4500 transmission that suits our customers specific needs.

Next, we focused on finding NV4500 rebuild parts that hold up to the power and torque of the 5.9L Cummins and the V10 Magnum with confidence. By researching failure points, design flaws and evaluating wear on internal components, we have been able to produce a rebuilt NV4500 transmission worthy of the Smart Parts name.

Common Names
  • New Venture 4500
  • NV-4500 Transmission
  • NVG4500 Transmission
  • NV4500 Transmission
  • NP4500 Transmission
Dodge Ordering Codes
  • DDP
  • DDX
Dodge Vehicle Compatibility
  • Ram 1500 Pickup
  • Ram 2500
  • Ram 3500
  • 1 Ton
  • 1/2 Ton
  • 3/4 Ton
Dodge NV4500 Transmission Years Of Use
  • 1992.5
  • 1993
  • 1994
  • 1995
  • 1996
  • 1997
  • 1998
  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
Performance Upgrades
  • Extended Life Brass Synchronizer Kit
  • Seal & Gasket
  • Bearings
  • 5Th Gear Locking System
  • Hardened Main Shaft
  • Fully splined Shaft
  • Cluster Gear
  • Fluid Injection Dyno-Testing
  • Shift Tension Testing
Optional Upgrades
  • Billet Style 1 3/8" Input Shaft
  • Cryo Treated Gears
  • Double 5th Gear Locking Collar
NV4500 Build Type
  • Performance Grade remanufactured QS9000 Certified
  • Ordering
  • Details
  • NV4500 Build
  • Feedback
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NV4500 Sale Price: $1,045.00
List Price: $1,695.00
Core Deposit: $500.00
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5 Star product Rating: ★★★★★
PN: BDNV4500L  
Phone Order: 1-888-995-7278 Mon-Sun 8-9 CST
Warranty Info
NV4500 Transmission Applications For Dodge Ram Pickup Trucks
Make Engine Size Year Tag Number
Dodge Ram 1500 4X2
Dodge Ram 2500 4X2
Dodge Ram 3500 4X2
5.2L / 318 / V8 Gas 1994-1997 52108001
5.7L / 346 Hemi Gas 2003-2005 52108128AE
5.9L / 360 / V8 Gas 1994-1997 52108001
1998-2002 52108128
5.9L, Cummins Turbo Diesel
8.0L, V10 Magnum Gas
1994-1997 52108196
1994-1997 52108224
1998-2002 52108130
2003-2005 52108130AA
2003-2005 52108130BB
2003-2005 52108130AC
Make Engine Size Year Tag Number
Dodge Ram 1500 4X4
Dodge Ram 2500 4X4
Dodge Ram 3500 4X4
5.2L / 318 / V8 Gas 1994-1997 53006845
5.7L / 346 Hemi Gas 2003-2005 52108129AE
5.9L / 360 / V8 Gas 1994-1997 53006845
1998-2002 52108129
5.9L, Cummins Turbo Diesel
8.0L, V10 Magnum Gas
1994-1997 52108197
1994-1997 52108225
1998-2002 52108131
2003-2005 52108131AC
Dodge NV4500 Transmission Specs And Current Transmission Data
Original Manufacturer: New Venture Gear
Gears: Manual / 5 Speed
Drive: 2WD and 4WD Available
Recommended Dodge NV4500 Oil / Fluid: 75 / 90 Synthetic Gear Oil - GL4 Grade
(Any Name Brand)
Torque Rating: Manufacturer: HD 460 lb. ft.
Ours: HD 460 + lb. ft.
Standard Duty Ordering Code: DDP
Heavy Duty Ordering Code: DDX
NV4500 Transmission Oil capacity: 1 Gallon +
Weight: 195 lb. Dry
Maximum GVW: 14,500 lb.
Dodge NV4500 DDX / Heavy Duty Input Spline Count: 1994-2005
10 spline 1.25" diameter
Dodge NV4500 DDP / Light Duty Input Spline Count: 1992.5 Only
19 spline 1" diameter

1993 and up
10 spline 1.25" diameter
Dodge NV4500 Output Spline Count Standard Duty 1992-2005: 2001 and UP - 29 Spline
2000 and down - 1" 19, 23, and 30 Spline
725" diameter
Dodge NV4500 Output Spline Count Heavy Duty 1994-2005: 2WD - 31 Spline
4WD - 29 Spline
NV4500 Build Type: Performance Built
Performance Inspected For: Leaks
Shifting Difficulties
Excessive Noise
Temperature and Performance
Dodge NV4500 Transmission Gear Ratios: 5.61 - First
3.04 - Second
1.67 - Third
1.00 - Fourth
0.73 - Fifth
5.61 - Reverse (Before 97)
5.04 - Reverse (After 97)
Hollander Interchange Numbers: 400-02662
Dodge NV4500 Transmission upgrades and performance parts
The best 5th gear upgrade in the business

Throughout the years many different companies have attempted to fix the fifth gear flaw of the NV4500 transmission. Everything from welding the main shaft to using specialized nuts and washers. Our company is at the pinnacle of the fifth gear upgrade technology.

We have implemented a cutting edge system of using a reinforced main shaft with extended splines and a locking mechanism to grab the shaft with enough force to eliminate slippage. This system has also been designed with enough malleability at crucial stress points to prevent cracking.

When it comes to making transmissions that last, we do not cut corners. This is the most effective 5th gear fix available. We have found that by installing this upgrade, we will save money in the long run by increasing customer satisfaction and minimizing the possibility of a warranty.

Next generation Synchronizer upgrade

Historically, carbon fiber has been used by the automotive industry to reduce weight on non-structural vehicle components. Carbon fiber is an excellent material for weight reduction but it is not the optimal choice for a NV4500 synchronizer.

The new era of the brass NV4500 synchronizer has begun. Through years of testing we have found a synchronizer that outperforms the rest. Our synchronizers are constructed of solid brass and have a unique ability to reduce viscosity and thermal breakdown. Smart Parts brass synchronizers not only outperform synchronizers from the manufacturer, but have been built to outlast previous carbon fiber versions.

Better synchros means spending less money on fluids

The manufacturers carbon fiber synchronizers are unstable when used in conjunction with conventional oils and require the very expensive synchromesh. Our Smart Parts Automotive brass synchros are designed to optimize performance in the much more affordable 75/90 weight synthetic GL4 grade.

Seals and bearings that last

We have been remanufacturing the NV4500 transmission for quite some time. Through the years, we have isolated certain weak points in these transmissions that need to be addressed. Our seal kits are comprised of the latest in space age materials and are designed to withstand the incredible heat and pressure created by a Ram truck under aggressive conditions. The hardened bearings that we use are designed to withstand tremendous pressure and increase your transmissions longevity.

Award Winning Looks

Looks are more than skin deep. We take pride in the way our transmission not only performs but looks. The outer casing goes through an extensive process of conditioning to give it that factory luster you would expect from this type of elite product. The build process is finished when the transmission is coated in a corrosion resistant finish that helps prevent breakdown from atmospheric conditions.

Conversions That Can Be Done Using The NV4500 Transmission

The NV4500 has a case length of just 12.37", making it the perfect transmission conversion for short wheel base vehicles such as Jeeps, Broncos and Toyota Land Cruisers. The NV4500 is also a great replacement for older trucks with 4 speed transmissions. If you have a 3/4 or 1 Ton truck with a weaker Getrag transmission, the conversion will still allow you to retain your stock clutch setup.

We also specialize in building hybrid units that mix and match Dodge and Chevy input, output shafts and cases. This is necessary for use with certain conversion kits. Please contact one of our sales representatives for pricing.

Dyno Tested

Every Dodge NV4500 is run on a state of the art Dyno. A Dyno simulates the conditions encountered by a transmission during every day and extreme use. This ensures that when your part arrives, it will have been rigorously tested for noises, leaks, vibrations and performance.

Any part that does not meet our strict guidelines will be completely disassembled and gone through until our quality requirements have been restored.

The secret to our low prices

We sell a rebuilt Dodge NV4500 transmission that can surpass customer expectations and still be sold at wholesale price. Our relationship with part manufacturers and the experience level of our builders give us an exceptional value.

Our company is one of the largest producers of remanufactured NV4500 transmissions in the United States. Buying NV4500 parts in bulk allows us to use top of the line building materials at manufacturer costs.

By having an experienced Dodge QS9000 builder work exclusively on one type of transmission, we can eliminate the cost and wasted time associated with switching projects. The money saved is always passed down to our customers.

Customer feedback and reviews

Perfect Conversion from an Automatic to a Manual
"This is a great one stop shop. They carry the bell housing and I was also happy to hear that they would take my automatic for a core exchange. I got done under budget and the unit ran like a top with my 12 valve Cummins."

Jamison Klair
Red Wing, MN

A good 5th gear upgrade is hard to find
"I haul a heavy trailer cross country most of the year with my Dodge 1 Ton pickup. It seems like every 1-2 years my nut backs off of the main shaft. The rebuilt NV4500 I bought right before this one lasted only 8 months before I started having fifth gear issues again. Like everyone else the builders I bought it from claimed to have some sort of a lock to stop the problem.

I bought a Smart Parts NV4500 with the double locking nut in the summer of 2011. This transmission is still going strong and has officially outlasted all previous transmissions. I'm not sure if the double lock is the reason it is lasting so long, either way I am a happy customer."

Donald Miller
Oakland, CA

A+ Rating
"What else can I say. The transmission arrived on time and performs great."

Steve Ray
Twin Falls, ID

The synchronizers are performing better as advertised
"My truck shifts better and doesn't make noise like it used to. I didn't realize that the transmission takes 75/90 fluid and I bought Syncromesh before I ordered. Unfortunately the store that sold me the oil wont take it back."

Jerry Rice
Flint, Michigan

impressed with the 5th gear fix
"I purchased a NV4500 from Smart Parts. I was having issues with my fifth gear nut backing off. This had happened to me three times. I asked what they had done for the fix and I was impressed. There fix with the fully splined main shaft and lock nut retainer kit has been working wonders. I've only had the transmission in for about a month now but I have put over 6000 miles on it pulling my trailer, I have had no issues."

Kevin Spencer
Madison, WI

Brass Synchros Changed My Mind
"I was skeptical of the new brass synchronizers. I installed my 4500 and 11K later I am still impressed how the shifting is smoother than the factory original. Not having to spend a hundred bucks on Synchromesh doesn't hurt either."

Phil Taylor JR
Prunedale, CA

Very impressed that it can handle a little abuse
"My NV4500 was for a wrangler conversion. I replaced my 3550 to transform my Jeep into an extreme off road vehicle. So far my transmission has been real solid. I have competed in several mud races and Jeep is holding up like a champ"

Lance Anderson
Lakeville, MN

I wish I called you guys first. I guess the fourth time is a charm.
"My fifth gear nut backed off on my 98 Dodge 2500 for the third time. These guys claimed to have the best fix for the fifth gear. I don't usually buy online, but I was tired of my shop ripping me off. The first thing that I noticed when my transmission arrived was that it looked new and the casing was flawless. After the installation I was even more impressed with the smooth shifting. I have driven my truck for a few months now and the fifth gear is holding up great. Keep up the good work"

Ronald Jones
Springfield, IL

Smoother shifting plus cheaper fluid equals happy
"My synchronizer started to go out in my Ram. When I bought your NV4500 the shifting was much more smooth than the one I originally had. The added surprise is that your transmission doesn't require the expensive manufactured fluid,"

Ventura, CA
If you have purchased a this part and wish to submit a review, please e-mail it to: info@smartpartsauto.com

Items we sell related to the Dodge NV4500

What is a core deposit?

In order to keep our NV4500 Transmission at such an unbelievably low price, we need to take a deposit on your old or broken unit being sent back to us. The core deposit is added to your total then is completely refunded when it unit arrives at our facility. Because we use so many new parts, our rebuild process doesn't require a perfect core to be sent back. Please call or click on the tab for acceptable core conditions and details.

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Dodge NV4500 Transmission 4wd 1998-2005
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