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NV4500 Transmission

Dodge NV4500 sale

Sale Price: $1,095 / Attention: Currently customers need to send in a core to be built.

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NV 4500 Transmission 2 Wheel Drive

How we build the NV4500 transmission better

The NV4500 transmission has been the proverbial work horse in Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks since the early nineties. The current sale price has now made the New Venture 4500 an affordable choice for those looking to do a conversion. Its revolutionary design and torque handling make it a popular choice for Jeep rock crawling, off road driving, upgrading a G360 and automatic to manual conversions.

For years we have researched the NV4500's innovative design and studied its failures in order to bring you a product that exceeds its original expectations. We had to start from the ground up by addressing the individual flaws that have hindered the performance of this transmission. We took special care utilizing the latest technology to address some of the more serious issues like synchronizer wear, fifth gear destruction and fluid retention to name a few.

It was a challenge finding NV4500 rebuild parts that can hold up to the power and torque of the 5.9L Cummins and the V10 Magnum with confidence. By researching stress and fracture points of existing components, we were able to work with parts manufacturers design and acquire some of the most innovative NV4500 upgrades to date. We are now offering a rebuilt NV4500 transmission worthy of the Smart Parts name with all the included upgrades at a new industry low sale price.

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  • Dyno tested

  • Seals / Gaskets

  • synchro's

  • Gear / Shaft

  • exterior

  • Bearings

Dodge NV4500 Transmission Sale
A.D.A.P.T. Technology ADAPT stands for "Advanced Dyno And Performance Testing".

This meticulous process allows us to monitor your transmissions performance under conditions that have been developed to simulate the dynamic levels of torque exerted by your vehicle under a diverse spectrum of conditions.

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Ram Pickup Truck

Dodge Ram 3500, 2500, 1500 4X2 NV4500 Applications

Engine SizeYear Tag Number
5.2L / 318 / V8 Gas 1994-1997 52108001
5.7L / 346 Hemi Gas 2003-2005 52108128AE
5.9L / 360 / V8 Gas 1994-1997 52108001
5.9L / 360 / V8 Gas 1998-2002 52108128
5.9L, Cummins Turbo Diesel
8.0L, V10 Magnum Gas
1994-1997 52108196
1994-1997 52108224
1998-2002 52108130
2003-2005 52108130AA
2003-2005 52108130BB
2003-2005 52108130AC

Dodge Ram 3500, 2500, 1500 4X4 NV4500 Applications

Engine Size Year Tag Number
5.2L / 318 / V8 Gas 1994-1997 53006845
5.7L / 346 Hemi Gas 2003-2005 52108129AE
5.9L / 360 / V8 Gas 1994-1997 53006845
5.9L / 360 / V8 Gas 1998-2002 52108129
5.9L, Cummins Turbo Diesel
8.0L, V10 Magnum Gas
1994-1997 52108197
1994-1997 52108225
1998-2002 52108131
2003-2005 52108131AC

Dodge NV4500 Technical information and Specs

Common NV4500 Questions Transmission Info
Original Manufacturer: New Venture Gear
Gears: Manual / 5 Speed
Drive: 2WD and 4WD Available
Recommended Dodge NV4500 Oil / Fluid: 75 / 90 Synthetic Gear Oil - GL4 Grade (Any Name Brand)
Torque Rating: Manufacturer: HD 460 lb. ft. Ours: HD 460 + lb. ft.
Standard Duty Ordering Code: DDP
Heavy Duty Ordering Code: DDX
NV4500 Transmission Oil capacity: 1 Gallon +
Weight: 195 lb. Dry
Maximum GVW: 14,500 lb.
Dodge NV4500 DDX / Heavy Duty Input Spline Count: 1994-2005 10 spline 1.25" diameter
Dodge NV4500 DDP / Light Duty Input Spline Count: 1992.5 Only 19 spline 1" diameter 1993 and up 10 spline 1.25" diameter
Dodge NV4500 Output Spline Count Standard Duty 1992-2005: 2001 and UP - 29 Spline 2000 and down - 1" 19, 23, and 30 Spline 725" diameter
Dodge NV4500 Output Spline Count Heavy Duty 1994-2005: 2WD - 31 Spline 4WD - 29 Spline
NV4500 Build Type: Performance Built
Performance Inspected For: Leaks Shifting Difficulties Vibrations Excessive Noise Temperature and Performance
Dodge NV4500 Transmission Gear Ratios: 5.61 - First, 3.04 - Second, 1.67 - Third, 1.00 - Fourth, 0.73 - Fifth, 5.61 - Reverse (Before 97), 5.04 - Reverse (After 97)
Hollander Interchange Numbers: 400-02662, 400-02660, 400-02663, 400-02661, 400-03250, 400-03248, 400-03249, 400-03251, 400-04152, 400-04153, 400-04154, 400-04155
Dodge Vehicle Compatibility:
  • Ram 1500 Pickup
  • Ram 2500
  • Ram 3500
  • 1 Ton
  • 1/2 Ton
  • 3/4 Ton
Dodge Ordering Codes:
  • DDP
  • DDX
Common Transmission Names:
  • New Venture 4500
  • NV-4500
  • NVG4500
  • NV4500
  • NP4500
Manufacturer Years In Service:
  • 1992.5
  • 1993
  • 1994
  • 1995
  • 1996
  • 1997
  • 1998
  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
Included Performance Upgrades:
  • Extended Life Brass Synchronizer Kit
  • Seal & Gasket
  • Bearings
  • 5Th Gear Locking System
  • Hardened Main Shaft
  • Fully splined Shaft
  • Cluster Gear
  • Fluid Injection Dyno-Testing
  • Shift Tension Testing
Optional Upgrades
  • Billet Style 1 3/8" Input Shaft
  • Cryo Treated Gears
  • Double 5th Gear Locking Collar
NV4500 Build Type Performance Grade remanufactured QS9000 Certified

NV4500 Transmission history

In 1992, New Venture Gear in Syracuse New York built the first NVG4500 transmission for the Chrysler corporation to use in their heavy duty truck applications. The Dodge NVG500 was a much needed improvement from its predecessor the G360. Soon after its creation the letter G was dropped from the name to give us the more commonly known NV4500 transmission.

The NV4500 transmission is available for both 2WD and 4WD vehicles in either gasoline or diesel applications; the 2WD version has a longer housing than the relatively short 4WD tranny case, which is just over 12 inches long. The NV4500 was used for Chrysler and General Motors vehicles for production years 1992 through 2007 in the Muncie, Indiana facility. The NV4500 was used in SUV and truck vehicles made by Dodge, Jeep, Ford, Toyota and Chevy, including both ¾-ton and 1-ton vehicles and the Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks; it can be used for both short block and long block V8's. It is also used in V10's and in Cummins diesel vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight rating up to 14,500 pounds.

Originally assigned part number 12346190, the New Venture Gear NV4500 is a 5-speed, top-loading transmission that was originally hailed as the ultimate 4WD tranny and its popularity skyrocketed. This led to dramatically increased prices for this tranny and prices remain high for it. Although this tranny has a fifth gear overdrive, its 6.07 gear span and 6.34:1 low gear ratio make it less attractive for some applications than heavier duty transmissions. Newer models of the NV4500 have a higher low-gear ratio; all have either a .74:1 or a .73:1 overdrive ratio

Originally, only forward gears were synchronized, but reverse gears were also synchronized in 1996 and all gears utilize synchronizer rings that are made of a carbon-fiber composite. Some companies have more recently upgraded the syncro rings to solid brass, which seems to add longevity and make them much less finicky on fluids. Special synthetic GL4 lubricant is required for the carbon style synchronizer rings. New Venture Gear recommended gear oil is:

  • 75W-90 Castrol Syntorque Synthetic.
  • Mopar PN 4974459 75W85 manual tranny lubricant.
  • GM Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid PN 12346190.

One of the unique and attractive characteristics of the NV4500 is the 1st to 2nd, fly-weighted synchronized gear assembly. This is a safety feature that prohibits downshifting at high rpms. One major problem with this tranny is 5th gear failure, which causes the tranny to either pop out of fifth gear or not get into it. This has been a consistent issue since the NV4500 hit the market and is caused by the fifth-gear nut backing off the main shaft. Installation of a main shaft upgrade kit can help correct the 5th gear problem.

The N4500 has a cast iron case with tremendous gear sets, an aluminum top cover, helical gears, dual PTO ports, fifth gear overdrive and a granny gear for towing. Adapter kits are available that enable installation in almost any vehicle, including those with a short wheel base; this tranny weighs about 200 compact pounds.

Our Dodge NV4500 is QS9000 Certified

Confidence is knowing that your unit has been built and tested with this elite certification.

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