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NP-231J Transfer Case

Rebuilt for Jeep, Cherokee, Liberty, and Wrangler

NP231J Transfer Case
NP231J Transfer Case Front NP231J Transfer Case Back Blank Transfer Case Blank Transfer Case
Ordering Info
Price: $795.00
Core Deposit: $250.00
Delivery Shipping: Call for Quote
Core Return Shipping: Call for Quote
Call 8-5 Central Time 1-888-995-7278 or 1-888-995-PART
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Make Model Year Tag Numbers
Jeep Cherokee XJ / MJ 2001-1997
Jeep Liberty 2005-2002
Jeep Wrangler 2005-2003
Compatable Transmissions
AX5 1988-2006
AX15 1988-1999
BA10 / BA5 1988-1989
NV3550 2000-2004
TF904 (909) / 30RH 1987-2006
TF999 / 32RH (RE) 1987-2006
AW4 1988-2001
Type: New Process / New Venture
New / Used / rebuilt Complete Rebuild
Upgraded Components: Yes
Input Spline: Comes with either a 21 or 23 spline female input. The 21 spline shaft is commonly found in 4 cylinder applications and the 2.8L V6, 4.0L 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder applications always used the 23 spline input shaft.
Weight: 70 lbs.

Every transfer case has been rigorously tested for noises, leaks, vibrations and performance.

Dyno Tested

O.E.M. stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Our parts meet or exceed the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer.

Some transfer cases have inherent factory flaws causing them to chronically break down. Through years of experience we have developed several procedures to help fix these problems.

Every remanufactured transfer case has been built and inspected by a certified technician. Our technicians have an average experience of 10 years.

New Parts
All wearable parts are replaced, this includes: seals, bearings, O-rings, bushings, bands, gaskets, and gears.

Our Rates
Due to the volume of product that we ship, we receive a considerable discount with some of the top freight companies. We pass these savings down to our customers. Your shipping price can be found next to the price of your product. If there is no price listed please call us for a quote.

Residential Address
Any shipments to a residential address will be assessed a $79.00 Residential Delivery Fee

Where do we ship

We ship to the continental United States.
Please call us for a special quote on the following:
• Hawaii
• Alaska
• Canada

When do we ship
Orders placed before 2:00pm are usually shipped on the same business day.

How long will shipping take
Usually within 1-4 business days after the order is processed, depending on your location. One of our operators will give you a more accurate quote based on your area.

Don't have a business to ship to
A $79.00 delivery fee will be added for any transmission sent to a residential address. This fee also applies to core pickups. To avoid these additional charges we offer our customers the option of picking up their transmission at one of our shipping companies nearest terminals.

Local pickups
All orders that are to be picked up locally by our customers must be scheduled and pre-paid by speaking to one of our sales reps. A $25.00 handling fee will be assessed to all pickup orders.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Core fees are a refundable deposit

What's a core deposit
To keep our prices extremely low, we sell our transfer cases at a price based on a rebuild able core being returned to us. This is a temporary deposit that is withheld to ensure that we receive your old transmission back. The amount of money required for this deposit is stated next to the price for each transmission.

How long do I have to return the core
The core needs to be received within 30 days from the date of purchase to receive your full deposit.

How long before I receive my refund

After the core has been returned it will be inspected within 2-3 weeks. The core is checked for excessive damages and missing parts. When the inspection has been completed your deposit will be put back on your card.

How do I prepare my core before shipping
It is recommended you ship your core in the original packaging or something comparable. Your core must be completely assembled, drained of all fluids and free of excessive damages to receive your deposit back.

How do I arrange for my core pickup

You can arrange a pickup date anytime within the 30 day return period. Your core return information will come with your transmission.

What if my core is damaged or I do not have one to exchange
If there is no core to exchange, we can just add the deposit amount to the purchase price. In addition, you will only be required to pay the one way shipping fee.

Can I send you a different core than the one I ordered
Unfortunately we can only accept a core for the same transfer case we sent you.

Can a core be sent back first to avoid the deposit

shipping the core first might take a slight bit longer, but by doing it this way you will not be required to pay any deposit.

1 Year Warranty   This transfer case comes stock with a 12 month warranty. We have several other warranty packages that are available for upgrade. Feel free to ask your sales associate about your warranty options.
Call 1-888-995-PART or 1-888-995-7278

Smart Parts Automotive provides a twelve month nation wide warranty against any manufactured defects on this part.

• We do not charge restocking or shipping fees when a transfer case needs to be warranted. Restocking and shipping fees are only be applied if a customer wants to return a non defective transfer case or is outside the continental United States.

Buyers warranty begins at original date of purchase and expires 12 months or 12 thousand miles thereafter.

This warranty does not cover any of the following:

• Use of engine, clutches, manual transmission, transfer case, drive line, and/or differential for purposes for which it was not originally designed (such as off-road, race car, etc.)

• Abuse, neglect, accident, or improper towing


• Towing charges, vehicle rental

• Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle, commercial loss or consequential damages

• Failure because of defects or inefficiencies or parts or assemblies not furnished with the transmission (flywheel, clutch, drive shaft, etc)


• Cracked or broken cases

No claims for labor or consequential damages will be accepted.

We are not liable for misuse or negligence causing damage, defect, injury, or loss.

Unit must be returned for our inspection to determine fault.

Warranty Process
In the rare case of a transmission failure please call our sales department where a representative will assist you in the warranty process. 1-888-995-7278


Tag Number Finding Your Tag Number
Your transfer case will have a metal tag containing several sets of numbers. The second set of numbers down is your tag identification number. By obtaining this number we can ensure that your transfer case will be an exact fit for your vehicle.

Please call us if you have any questions about finding your tag number.
NP231J Transfer Case Back
NP231J Transfer Case (Back)
NP231J Transfer Case Front
NP231J Transfer Case (Front)